5 Reasons Why Your Marketing is Not Working

Having an effective marketing plan is essential for every business. A dwindling marketing strategy requires only a few simple fixes. From beginning to end, an effective marketing strategy brings prospects through a progression that outputs customers. If you’re having trouble converting prospects into customers, try following these 5 simple steps:

1. You’re Not Meeting Buyers Where They Are:

Meet consumers where they are

One dimensional sales pitches for a singled-out product are boring and somewhat threatening. Welcome a consumer into your neighborhood by introducing your company as a resource. You’ll find your company attracting a crowd by addressing buyers’ specific problems and handing them solutions that are built into the essence of your overall business direction.

Commit to broadening avenues by talking about the problems your buyers face, rather than the arbitrary products that you’re trying to sell. By focusing on your buyers, your company no longer “sells off” products, but now rather provides resources for your new costumers to buy. They see the value of the resource, they see the use in their lives.

2. Having No Defined Sales Funnel

Bad Tactics

Hurrying new customers along too quickly, or leaving them to wander around are two mistakes that must be avoided. Find the two ends of your marketing campaign and pull them taut. Your customers will cherish the experience of a stable and visible sale progression. Use top, middle, and bottom of funnel tactics to make it crystal clear to the customer that from one level to the next you are there to answer questions and provide assistance. For more information about building a sales funnel check out this article.

3. Losing Momentum


Bad Timing

Momentum is key. Keep the ball rolling. Hit the ground running and don’t stop. Develop “scheduled rhythmic marketing” to hold and increase the level of interest and dedication in a potential consumer. Gradual and consistent pushes will move your target group up the hill toward trust and engagement. This tactic is more significant than you realize. It often gets pushed aside in the wake of spending money and other perceived urgent priorities. This is the most important priority, yet is often difficult to prioritize. Building momentum allows your customers to gauge the speed at which you operate. Make it solid and promising; without this your customers will feel like there’s something missing.

4. Improper Understanding of Your Numbers

Improper Understanding of Your Numbers

Is your marketing strategy already working? If you don’t know, you better run a cost/benefit analysis of your current strategy. If you see that marketing has proven ineffective and costly, there’s only one thing to do—fix it. Determine whether Marketing and Sales are doing their job. They should be bringing prospects to the bottom of the funnel. Use A/B testing to see where potential customers are falling off the wagon. Then adjust and keep testing.

5. Nothing Personal—You Don’t Have the Right People

Finding the Right People

Just as your leads are looking for the right resource in your company, your company is also looking for the right resources to carry out its objectives. This comes down to finding the right people with the best intuition to implement the perfect marketing strategy. People mean more to marketing than marketing does to people, so make your people count. Good marketers have the skills and are willing to learn to execute perfectly timed and consistent marketing initiatives. Good marketers also know when something is not working. Keep the marketers who admit mistakes and learn from them. Those who can’t identify their own strategic shortcomings are good people, but they’re not right for your business’s marketing department.

Final Thoughts

All 5 of these reasons are intertwined. Each plays a unique role in leading prospects through the sales cycle. Don’t underplay your business by missing leads or letting them wander due to underestimated marketing mistakes.

What is more upsetting than a repeated mistake, especially one that is preventable simply by becoming aware of fundamental marketing techniques? What can an hour of strategic planning do for your company?

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